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Sisters in Prayer Workshop
October 29, 2022 - Calvary Chapel Northwest Reno

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Saturday October 29th

If there’s anything we're good at, it’s controlling things. We can take a situation into our own hands in a matter of seconds and pretend we're the master of all puppet masters—pulling strings and fixing things. There’s a problem that needs to be solved? We're on it. There’s a gap that needs to be bridged? We've got it. There’s a situation that needs to be handled? I’m your girl. We handle, solve, fix, control, take care of and deal with stuff all day, every day. 

The truth is we rush and run ahead so often in life—not because we're so sure that we’ve got it under control, but because we fear that God doesn’t. Maybe He needs our help. Maybe we won’t like His plan, so we’ll come up with a better one. Maybe He’s withholding something from us. Maybe we’ll just do it ourselves.

The root of all of this is that we don’t trust God.

Join us: 
Sat. Oct. 29th
Calvary Chapel Northwest
246 Courtney Lane

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