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Q. Is it time for your breakthrough? or have you learned to live with what Jesus died to take away?

Last week I had the priviledge of working with some incredible single women from all over the globe, many who have found themselves stuck at the gate called Beautiful. As we shared about not blocking your blessings the question of breaking through kept resurfacing just stated in different ways. One women voiced it beautifully when through tears she asked, 'what am I breaking through to? I don't even know what I'm breakthrough to!"And to that I say, FREEDOM! but it begs me to ask the question, 'what are you living with that Jesus has died to take away?

Breakthrough happens when we are willing to show our unpresentable parts to God and allow Him to guide us into wellness. Wellness doesn't just happen, but rather through a series of baby steps we are guided into what before we never thought possible. We've all seen people, and honestly it could be us, who live at the gym but no change is evident in their bodies and you ask youself 'what's up there"? After further inspection you learn that Johnny gym rat doesn't come to actually lift or workout he comes to walk around and see who he can talk to - to fellowship. Is that what church is for you? Is that how we "do God"? Why keep coming if you're not looking for change?

Last week's room was filled with emotions. Deep hurt, frustration, even anger, but we must let the emotions move us to change otherwise it becomes a pool of concrete and we are mere statues standing stagnant in it. But, again, order to change you have to be willing to show your unpresentable parts. The parts we cover and lock away so tightly. I don't want anyone to know that I'm lonely, or that I'm disappointed with my life, or that I feel like a failure even though I'm the executive on my job. Are we so busy trying to look good that we're Johnny gym rats walking around our churches with an ineffective life void of a relationship with God.

Most of us like the idea of God changing our circumstance not God changing us. Newsflash: God's not interested in our circumstances. He wasn't interested in the storm that Jonah or the disciples encountered. He wasn't interested in the lion's den that Daniel was thrown into. He wasn't interested in the dilema of having to feed the multitude. Is. 55:8, "for your thoughts are not my thoughts, neither are your ways my ways." During a recent poll when asked what you need a breakthrough from 94% of christians mentioned circumstances. A breakthrough in their marriages, with their children, financial breakthrough, careers, etc, and those are all real, but the breakthrough that we need most is more personal. God I need a breakthrough from me. From my control, my selfishness, my wisdom. Lord, do a new work in me. Renew a right spirit in me. Ezk. 11:19, "Give me an undivided heart and put a new spirit in me. Remove from me this heart of stone and give me a heart of flesh."

Do you want YOU or IT to change?

Are we simply fantasizing about a more comfortable life or are we looking for a breakthrough to truly get well?

This was a recent revelation for me, verse 4 is missing from the newer bible translations in John 5, the Healing at the Pool... "From time to time an angel of the Lord would come down and stir up the waters. The first one into the pool after each such disturbance would be cured of whatever disease they had." Commentary suggest this is to usher in Jesus' ministry of grace. As an example of Jesus' grace He chose the one with the greatest disadvantage - the least likely to be able to get in the pool first. Making all things possible for all. The last will be first. Removing all excuses and roadblocks.

Breakthrough begin where my excuses end. Jesus stepped over the man's excuses and gives him a command to get up. All his excuses revolved around other people. Just as most of our excuses revolve around other people. Could it be possible that while you're waiting for God to come down (as the angel did from time to time) God is waiting for you to get up. Make a determination within yourself to give God, not those around you, your full attention.

The man began his journey by stating facts of his situation, I don't have anyone to help me into the pool- true - but Jesus' power overrides fact. Are we allowing facts of life to circumvent the power of God? Jesus needed nothing to heal the man other than his undivided attention. Just as Jesus explained to the woman at the well she didn't need a bucket to get him a drink because Jesus himself was the well of living water. Your breakthrough begins with God not others. Jesus saw that the man couldn't get to the water that is why the water came to him.

We too have the well of living water calling out to us to get up - give him (not others) your full attention and live. This is where breakthrough truly begins. It begins within.

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